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You Are A Star

No need to hunt around for a Father’s Day card, our handmade cards are a fabulous way of telling dad why he’s your star. 

D is for Dad

D is for Dad and what better way to show dad he’s the best than with a beach themed wooden D letter. Added to one of our Father’s Day baskets or by themselves, these letters are a really fun way of showing dad he’s one in a million. 

Using First Letter

Beautiful way to use first letter.

Making an Owl Card

Sometimes the simplest cards turnout to be the best. Our cute little wood Owl card is suitable for any occasion.

ANZAC Day Wreath

ANZAC Day wreaths are a wonderful way of showing our service men and women that fought for us both in the past and present that we are grateful for all that they have done for us.

3D Hanging Bunny

Learn how to make a 3D Hanging Bunny

Bunny Basket

Learn hot to make a bunny basket

Folded Butterfly

Lear how to make a Folded Butterfly

Bunny Book Marks

Learn how to make bunny book marks

Origami Bunny

Lear how to make an Origami Bunny

How to make paper chains

Learn how to make paper chains


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