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My Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been called Jane. Jane, being my middle name and the preferred name of choice for both family and friends. Amanda was only ever used if I was in trouble, in which case I knew to hide. So this is where my business name, Janes Handcrafts and Gifts came from. 

From the time I could hold a pair of scissors in my hands, I knew I was destined to be a crafter, if there was a picture to colour on my homework it would be coloured, my parents would have endless drawings, handmade cards or some form of a craft item given to them on any given day and needless to say if there was no colouring in items on camping trips the whole camp site would hear about it.


Me and Jester

My brother, dad and me 

 As I got older my passion for crafting never died, if anything for me it intensified. I am always in craft stores purchasing some craft item that I more than likely already have 5 of at home, but seriously a girl can never have too much ribbon, scrapbooking paper or jewels, can she?

Outside of my business I love spending time with my now husband Antoine, my amazing family, travelling our world that we live in and up until recently the most loyal companion of all, Jester, my Border Collie of 17 years whom unfortunately is no longer with us but will never be forgotten.

To say I love crafting and gift giving would truly be an understatement, for me there is nothing more rewarding then watching the intended recipient of a handmade gifts or specially tailored gift baskets, opening it and knowing that it designed especially for them and their passions. If you choose to purchase from Janes Handcrafts and Gifts then you can be assured that your order will be unique with attention to all the smaller details given.

The smallest of details are what count.

My mother, brother and me

Me and Jester

On October 17th 2020 Antoine & I got married at the Ranch infront of family and friends...

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